Whether a school planning its response to threats against students and faculty, a corporate security department training personnel on safety procedures, or first responders such as firemen and policemen training on safe response to calls where explosives are found, Pickett's Primer on Explosives simplifies the training experience. A series of four DVDs with accompanying instructor manuals, as well as an explosives identification resource book, provides comprehensive basic training materials on identification of weapons of mass destruction, commercial explosives, and military ordnance devices.


Classes, seminars and presentations can be arranged at your location to provide on-site training on responding to the threat of commercial explosives, bomb scares and threats, military ordnance or even weapons of mass destruction. Pickett's Primer on Explosives is an affordable training system designed to identify commonly found explosives and to outline safety procedures to take when such explosives are found.


Expert assistance available for consulting and readiness assessments in all areas of emergency response planning.