First introduced to the explosives trade as an aerospace munitions officer in the U.S. Air Force, Mike Pickett worked on nuclear and chemical weapons as well as conventional ordnance.

He holds both a  Bachelor of Science degree in nuclear chemistry with minors in nuclear physics and mathematics and a Masters degree in urban planning.  He is currently a professor emeritus at San Antonio College where he taught in the Protective Services Department.

A veteran firefighter, he has dedicated Pickett’s Primer to providing training and knowledge to first responders and security personnel to prevent as many injuries as possible from explosive accidents.

Pickett’s Primer was first formed as an information and training source for individuals and organizations for the identification and correct response to commercial explosives, military ordnance, home-made bombs and bomb search procedures and weapons of mass destruction

Mike saw the need for explosives training after witnessing numerous situations where first responders and emergency personnel, as well as private citizens were injured or endangered by a lack of knowledge in identifying explosives.

As an experienced firefighter and counter-terrorism expert, he has seen many maimings, serious injuries, and even deaths from the mishandling of explosives by children, adults, and emergency personnel.  In every case, it could have been prevented with proper response and training.