Explosive ID


This fast and easy guide is perfect for emergency first responders with little or no knowledge of, or experience with, explosives. It is a “must” for everyone from firefighters and hazmat responders to airport security personnel.

Color photographs and short descriptions identify explosives by general type. This general, non-technical book aids users in recognizing the many different types of commercial explosives and military ordnance and how to treat them.

Keeping up to date, this edition also includes an all-new chapter on weapons of mass destruction and features new photos depicting modern-day explosives.

Used by the Department of Homeland Security and people world-wide, the Explosives Identification Guide should be a critical part of your emergency reference library.


“Should be in the hands of every First Responder.”

“This book is one of those a ‘first-responder’ wishes was in the glove box when an explosives-related call is encountered.”

“The book is designed to save lives, both civilians and responders.”